nbterm命令行jupyter notebook

cooolr 于 2021-07-14 发布



pip install jupyter notebook nbterm


nbterm test.ipynb


There are two modes: edit mode, and command mode.
 • enter: enter the edit mode, allowing to type into the cell.
 • esc: exit the edit mode and enter the command mode.
In command mode:
 • up: select cell above.
 • down: select cell above.
 • ctrl-up: move cell up.
 • ctrl-down: move cell down.
 • a: insert cell above.
 • b: insert cell below.
 • x: cut the cell.
 • c: copy the cell.
 • ctrl-v: paste cell above.
 • v: paste cell below.
 • **o: set as code cell.****m: set as Markdown cell.**
 • l: clear cell outputs.
 • **ctrl-e: run cell.****ctrl-r: run cell and select below.****ctrl-s: save.****ctrl-q: exit.**
 • ctrl-h: show help.